The latest edition of GBR is Dr. Dedicated to Owen Hall Jr

Dr Owen Hall Jr., or “Junior” (“You know, like Junior Mints”) as he liked to be called, was a learned professor, associate, author, friend, husband, father, and grandfather – and an extraordinary man in every way .Earlier he served as editor-in-chief of the Graziadio Business Review, and later he enjoyed writing editorials about three (of his many) favorite subjects: management education, nanotechnology, and artificial intelligence. He loved to find quotes and cartoons to liven up dry topics and bring a smile to the reader.

A quick-witted man, he often told jokes, and would start every conversation teasing me with a running “funny” about something silly that happened years ago. We also shared stories about the escapades of our grandchildren. He mentioned one day that he had recently posted a book on Amazon, and when I looked up his name, I found he wrote historical fiction about times of war and a book about battle cruisers.We were both UC grads (for those of you on the East Coast, and USC for us Californians) and he often ended our emails and conversations with “Fight On” or signaled me with the “Fight On” salute of the Trojan Escape from the other side of the room.

dr Hall was a pioneer scientist. Before the pandemic and before Zoom, there were days when he was promoting a robotic monitor on a stand that could move around the room to portray a student who wasn’t in class and could therefore attend remotely. Junior paced through the faculty meeting, his face on the screen as he chatted to the people he passed.

Junior was a man devoted to Pepperdine, his students and colleagues, and a staunch member of many committees, always looking for the best opportunity to contribute to the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School and University. You can read more about some of his Pepperdine achievements at this link, and here is a link to a more in-depth account of who Junior was.

A week before his death on May 26, 2021, he sent me his latest editorial entitled How AI Can Help Post-COVID-19 Developing Countries, which he co-authored with his research assistant Enekole Atabo. And he sent me a note recently. I have always enjoyed working with GBR.