Umbrella Insurance: How It Works and What It Covers

Umbrella Insurance: How It Works and What It Covers But before he even reaches the banquet table, he slips on an invisible puddle of eggnog, severely injures his tailbone and yells “superkalifragilisticexpialidoos”! Next thing you know, Mary pulls a lawsuit out of her purse and swears to sue you for millions.

After years of hard work and dedication, your happiness is at stake – and it’s all because you wanted to have a great vacation with Mary! Mary’s umbrella may protect her from the rain (and traffic jams), but what can protect you from Miss Poppins’ frivolous lawsuit?The good news is that with umbrella insurance you can have your own umbrella to protect you from rainy days.

The umbrella policy offers protection against lawsuits and major losses that are not covered by home or car insurance.

We answer all your questions about what umbrella insurance is, how it works and what it covers. It’s pretty much your money’s best friend.