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At Shaga Profit, we have adopted a collaborative approach. A single reference point provides our customers with hassle-free communication and quality support. Moreover, each team member employs a customer-focused process, which offers specific solutions while ensuring outstanding results and success to our clients worldwide.

We look for extraordinary entrepreneurs and select our investments in a very exhaustive way, because we dedicate a lot of time and expertise to them. We are ambitious for ourselves and for our clients and we conduct business with a strong sense of duty. Our duty to our clients comes before short-term gains for our individuals. We carefully and collectively consider how we fulfill this duty, every day.

partnering with the most extraordinary founders

Expert Team

Our team is on the ground and multi-disciplinary, with strong qualifications and complementary experience in diverse business areas


We form a solid network together with the main players in the investment and financial sectors such as: banks, accounting and investment firms.


We love rolling up our sleeves, and working alongside our networks and partner to help our investors achieve their investment goals